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Imperial Lanes Website Redesign

The Dog’s Mohawk recently had the pleasure of working with client Imperial Lanes, a bowling alley in Michigan.

They came to us in need of a freshly designed website – one that wasn’t completely outdated in terms of content and information. (For some reason, the developer who launched their old site was seemingly holding the site hostage and hadn’t updated the site in years.)

As a prominent bowling alley in their area, they knew their website needed to reflect the fun atmosphere they provide to local families. They also needed to give their customers information about bowling leagues and events. So, our job was to design something eye-catching, modern, and sophisticated while staying true to their branding. Of course, this also meant that the website would become completely mobile-friendly.

We even threw out some functional suggestions that they ended up wanting as part of their new website, as well. For example, the top feature they liked was for users to be able to book a party online. They also liked the ideas of people being able to leave reviews on Google easily, and providing a way for their customers to subscribe to their newsletter.

On the backend of the WordPress-based website, we transformed the admin experience from literally non-existent into a simple, easy to navigate, and indestructible masterpiece.

The developers at The Dog’s Mohawk are proponents of efficiency, which is why we implement our signature infrastructure for each of our clients. This infrastructure allows literally anyone who is in charge of the website to go in and modify content – 100% worry-free.

Overall, Imperial Lanes has been a pleasure to work with and we are so excited to be able to put our name on this project.

Check out the new Imperial Lanes website here!

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