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Monster Mini Golf Website 2019 Revamp

One of The Dog’s Mohawk ongoing clients Monster Mini Golf, a brand of family entertainment centers (30 franchise locations), recently requested a few design updates to their website. We originally developed a brand new website for them a few years ago, so it was indeed time for a little updating to the look, feel, and functionality.

As a recap, here is what their pre-Dog’s Mohawk website looked like:

Our job was to design something eye-catching, modern, and sophisticated while staying true to their branding. Of course, this also meant that the website would become completely mobile-friendly.

Here is what we originally came up with back in 2017:

So when they came back to us in late 2019 for a website revamp, we were beyond excited to help again. Here is just a snippet of what we came up with:


Here is a visual showing the transformation of Monster Mini Golf’s online presence, side-by-side:

For this most recent website revamp, we ended up converting their site to a WordPress multisite installation, which allows for subdomains to be used. Each subdomain essentially acts as its own individual website, while still belonging to the larger network of Monster Mini Golf websites and domain name.

We converted it to a multisite this time around because they needed a solution where each franchise could operate their own online storefront (e-commerce) and tie in their own Stripe accounts. This was not possible on a single site installation.

We also added the ability to do a store location proximity search by zip code.

The backend admin experience of this WordPress-based website persists as a simple, easy to navigate, and indestructible masterpiece. To reiterate, when initially training the Monster Mini Golf team on how to use and edit their new website back in 2017, they complimented us saying that the infrastructure we created for them would save them at least 70% of their time!

The developers at The Dog’s Mohawk are proponents of efficiency, which is why we implement our signature infrastructure for each of our clients. This infrastructure allows literally anyone who is in charge of the website to go in and modify content – 100% worry-free.

Overall, Monster Mini Golf has been a pleasure to work with and we are so excited to be able to put our name on this project.

Check out the new Monster Mini Golf website here!

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