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A well-designed website is the most effective way to convert more of your visitors into leads and customers.

Your website should be an extension of your business. How? By providing visitors easy ways to gain value, find your most important pieces of information, and take money-making actions at their convenience.

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Website Hosting for Making Money

Time is money, and the more time your website visitors spend waiting for your site to load, the more money you lose. We turn your slow website into a lightning-fast, money-making asset that will give your visitors instant gratification, more information in less time, and the ability to buy without delay.


What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

We offer Managed WordPress Hosting, which means we provide servers and services that are tailored specifically for WordPress. This means your sites will experience the highest quality of performance and security because every server is optimized for a single website.

Website Hosting Plans

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Website hosting on lightning-fast serversYesYesYes
24/7 Hacker-free securityYesYesYes
Automatic nightly backupsYesYesYes
Automatic server-side cachingYesYesYes
SSL and enforced HTTPSYesYesYes
Localized performance optimization (CDN)YesYesYes
Supports WordPress MultisiteXYesYes
Accepts Third Party SSL CertificatesXYesYes
Automatic uptime monitoringXYesYes
Seamless deployment from a staging siteXYesYes
Monthly Visits, up to25,000500,000Millions!
Bandwidth50GB50GBUp to 500GB
Disk space/storage5GB5GB100GB
Managed by:YourselfThe Dog's MohawkThe Dog's Mohawk
From $25/month$99/month$129/month

Website Hosting Benefits Explained

Website hosting on lightning-fast servers

All websites need a host in order to be publicly available. We partner with Flywheel, a website hosting company whose servers are specifically designed to support WordPress websites like the ones we develop.

24/7 Hacker-free security

No more security plugins

We handle all of the security at the server level, there’s no need for security plugins that often times bring along website performance issues.

World-class malware scanning

We’ve partnered with Sucuri, the leading provider of WordPress security solutions, which means all of our clients get the benefit of world-class malware scanning.

Free malware removal

If your site does get hacked, our support team will quickly and carefully remove the malware for you.

Strong password enforcement

Our websites are developed to require its admins to create complex passwords.

Limited login attempts

Our websites are developed to be protected against brute force attacks, so multiple failed login attempts means malicious users never get inside.

Intelligent IP blocking

Intelligent IP blocking on our security systems detects intruders and blocks them across all sites hosted on Flywheel within seconds…so your site is protected from hackers before they even try to attack your site.

Automatic nightly backups

We can make website changes with confidence since we have the ability to restore your site to a previous working version if necessary.

Automatic uptime monitoring

We will be immediately notified about any website performance issues or if your site goes down.

Automatic server-side caching

Caching is a very important part of website performance (speed). Our automatic server-side caching functionality works wonders for serving up our clients’ websites very quickly.

Seamless deployment from a staging site

Included in our website hosting plans, we develop our designs on a staging site, which is a test site that the client can view throughout the development stage. By developing on a staging site, we also cut out a few tedious steps and are able to seamlessly deploy the finalized designs straight to your domain with the click of a button.

Scale to millions of visitors

Whether your website is experiencing organic growth or expecting a massive influx of traffic, our caching technology can handle millions of visitors without sacrificing performance.

5GB of disk space

5GB is the minimum amount of disk space we give to our clients to store their website files and assets.

100GB of disk space

Platinum plan: The addition of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) extends your disk space from 4GB to 100GB. Recommended for websites with a lot of images and downloadables.

SSL and enforced HTTPS

SSLs ensure that all data passed between the server and browser remains confidential. SSL is known best by two obvious indicators that pop up in the URL bar when it’s installed: the green padlock and “https://”. If a visitor sees these two things, they know that their info is being encrypted and they can freely interact with the site without worry. Recommended especially for e-commerce websites and websites requesting any kind of a visitor’s personal information.

Localized performance optimization

With a Content Delivery Network (CDN), a website’s visitors will receive images and static files from the server that’s physically closest to them, which speeds up the website even more. Recommended for websites with a lot of images and downloadables and for websites seeking a global audience.


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