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Tournament Planet Website Launch

A rather simple site, but it seamlessly does all it needs to do.

We launched this website in late 2019 for a startup company called Tournament Planet. They designed a very cool mobile app that is “everything you need for creating, running, and managing tournaments, leagues, raffles, brackets and more.”

When they came to us, they didn’t have a website. So we took it upon ourselves to create something that both fit their budget and needs. Their needs were rather simple: a place where people could go to subscribe (monthly or yearly) to have a business account on the app.

We ended up implementing a WooCommerce solution for subscriptions, and have cleverly programmed in the use of webhooks to communicate with Tournament Planet’s external database when someone subscribes and how many licenses they purchased. We worked with the app’s primary developer to implement the webhooks.

Check out the new Tournament Planet website here!

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